The purpose of the internship is to develop an original experimental research program, allowing the student to broaden the scientific knowledge and skills acquired during the theoretical courses. The final writing and presentation of the thesis will help students acquire skills in scientific dissemination in the field of medical biotechnology.

The internship is an educational experience that is an integral part of the degree program. It is also an important requirement for the degree as it ends with the writing of a master's degree thesis based on the research project agreed with the Academic Tutor.

The internship can be carried out , inside or outside the School of Medicine , in Italy or abroad.



The Progect Presentation Days for the 1st year students of Medical Biotechnologies a.y. 2021/2022 will take place through google meeting on:

1) Mon, December 20th , 2021 at 14:00 pm CEST/Italy time

Presentation of available seats for internship in labs on December 20,2021

The link to the meeting is:

2) Wed, December 22nd, 2021 at 15:30 pm CEST/Italy time

Presentation of available seats for internship in labs on December 22, 2021

The link to the meeting is:

Note: We'll use this link on both days.

This event is aimed at helping the students to choose the laboratory for the internship.

The Professors of the different laboratories present their research projects to the students and  communicate open slots for internship and thesis.

Internship application procedure  (22.12.2021)

a) Internship in laboratories of the School of Medicine

To apply, students must identify the laboratory in which it will be possible to develop the Thesis Project.

Before starting the internship, students must submit an application by sending Internship form

Internship Form (updated to December 13,2021)

Once filled in, the forms need upload (to be defined)

b) Internship in companies or private laboratories outside the university

To apply, students must identify, together with the Tutor / Supervisor, the Laboratory in which it will be possible to develop the Thesis Project by following this procedure:

  • Schedule a meeting with a Professor (Academic Tutor for Internship)  for an evaluation of the type of company or other private laboratories outside the School of Medicine that might be a suitable option for the student;
  • Verify the existence of an agreement between the company and the School of Medicine. Please contact the Didactic Office through the service UPO RISPONDE (Upo Replies)