Deadlines a.y. 2021/2022 PDF file (updated to February 08, 2022)

Guidelines for writing the thesis PDF file

SUMMER SESSION  A.Y. 2021/2022  (25th and 26th July 2022)

You can send the documents for the thesis using the new Esse3 procedure, as indicated in the guide published here :

In Esse3 you will only see the date of the first day available. Afterwards the students will be assigned to the scheduled day.

The procedure requires the uploading of the following documents by the deadlines indicated:

1) Until 24th June 2022

2) Until 11st July 2022:  

  • Degree Thesis MUST BE SIGNED BY YOUR MENTOR (handwritten signature or digitally signed by the teacher if in possession of a digital signature)

In addition to the documents to be uploaded through the Esse3 procedure, send the following to :

  • Request for grade points MS Word file (a PDF or JPG format - SURNAME_NAME_POINTS.pdf)

  • Permit of stay (a PDF or JPG format - SURNAME_NAME_PERMIT.pdf)

  • Optional Activity booklet if available(a PDF or JPG format - SURNAME_NAME_BOOKLET.pdf)

3) You will upload on GOOGLE DRIVE : to be defined

  • SLIDES  until 22nd JULY 2022
  • ABSTRACT (a PDF or JPG format - SURNAME_NAME_ABSTRACT.pdf):  until 19th JULY 2022



IMPORTANT! A limited number of guests per candidate is allowed  in the Main Hall  during the graduation exam: the number will be defined as soon as the number of candidates are definitive.

After the discussion of the thesis, the candidate must take his/her  place and wait for the end of the other candidates.
After the discussion of all candidates,  the examination board leaves the Main Hall for the final evaluation of all candidates. 

It is suggest not to stay in groups and gathered  in the corridors  and near the halls.
The use of the mask is not mandatory but it is strongly recomended indoors in the workplaces like offices and laboratories.

 It is mandatory to use the mask  (surgical or FFP2) for all participants in the classrooms, libraries, study rooms except people exempted  from the use of mask  by current italian law. It is mandatory to wear the FFP2 mask during the events open to the public (including graduation ceremonies), which take place indoors, without restrictions on access and distances between people.


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